Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Break out the Wellies

It is time to break out the wellies.  We are moving to NE Fife, Scotland in four short months.  Jeff and I's engagement was only four months.  We got engaged in February and were saying I do on June 9th.  Just one week after finishing my first year of teaching art.  I remember people asking why we couldn't wait until July or August.  Why in the world would we try to plan the most important day of our lives in four short months.  I would smile thinking that we had two monumental years  before, the waiting, the hoping, the crying, and broken pieces of it all.  And after two years of that we were not about wait a single month longer than we needed.  A simple wedding was planned, for an amazing love story. 

So here we are again my friends.  Two years of waiting, praying, inching forward, broken pieces of a plan we thought would unfold in a certain way.  In the middle of an ocean we were redirected in His grace to Scotland.  We are planning on moving in early June.  Just after the older boys finish school and the house is emptied and rented.  We will each take two suitcases and a carry on.  Knowing how I am with goodbyes I will laugh and cry my way through all of this.  What a painful blessing to love friends and family so deeply and  then fly across and ocean to live.

We are so incredibly excited.  It hard to capture in words how much we feel this is the right place for us.  How much peace we have had after such a long surrendering of wills.  The people Jeff has met in Fife have been incredibly supportive and are excited to welcome our family and be a part of this next chapter.

The revised budget is in also.  We are thrilled to know that we are so very close to being fully funded.  We are hoping the remaining comes in full in the next month or two.    Then we will be able to focus on all the things that need to happen to launch a family of five overseas.

Four months seems a bit crazy to make it all happen.  But after two years, it almost feels too long to wait!  If you would like to be put onto Jeff more informative e-mail list or help in anyway please contact him: jeffstables@gmail.com
I will continue to ramble on through the blog. Thanks for staying with us through the journey.  We can't wait to share the next part with you!

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