Friday, June 15, 2012

Nationals game

Trying to get up and running with blog stuff again.  This picture is a good metaphor for life right now.  A week ago I got a call from a dear friend at 10am saying she had 4 free tickets to the Nationals game... which started at 1pm.  So Becca and I made a LOT of phone calls, and changed plans for the day... and made it happen.  We discovered that traffic is not so bad when you don't arrive until the 6th inning.  Incredible experience.  We got to see Zimmermann hit a home run. We even got to take one of our best friends, Will Orr, who is a little bit like a celebrity.  Cant believe that at 9:45, I was working through big "important" to do list, and ended up here instead.

So the metaphor.
We are absolutely rich in gospel, in grace, in friendships.  That is all that matters.  2Cor 8:9

Though I daily have a "to do list" it is not nearly as cool as the Lord's plans.