Friday, March 20, 2015

Update: March 20th, 2015

     I have not written since going home to be with my dad to be with him as he passed from earth into heaven.  I wanted to process with family and friends and not broadcast that part of the journey.  God is good and walked with me through grief and deeper trust.  I write now because we know we can't walk this path alone.  We would love your prayers.  We still trust in a good God who created us in love and with a purpose.  Here is an e-mail Jeff sent out yesterday.  The news about Jeff is still fresh as we process this with each other and the boys.  Please know we will read every e-mail and message sent, we may just not be able to respond to them each day.  Ian is learning to ride a bike today and we are then heading to the new Young Life camp for a work crew weekend.  Life is as full as ever as we move forward.  Love, Becca

Hi friends.  Team Stables is in shock.  You should probably not write group emails to faithful friends and supporters while you are in shock, but here I am doing it.

Wednesday I was diagnosed with stage 4 Esophageal cancer.  Its worked its way into the lungs and is considered incurable.  So we are weighing options about palliative care treatment (slowing it, and managing pain etc)   The Lord is allowing us to get second and third opinions from some of the best in the world.  The survival times for this type are measured in months not years, but all the averages are based on 70 year olds so nobody really knows.

But I know a guy.  His name is Jesus.  We are welcoming all prayers.  Especially the absolutely ridiculous ones.

For now, the plan is to stay in Scotland and continue ministry.  In addition to your prayers we would love for you to continue your financial support.  You can pray for the timing of possible trips home to see family and friends.  

This isnt how I would have written the story.  But the writer always makes sure He gets glory in the end.  The good news is still good news, and its still the most real reality.  Im anxious to see the ways He intends to use this part of our story.  

My health is good right now.  I got in 12 miles running last week.  If Im honest, Im scared of the breakdown of the body.  Whole new appreciation for the faith and courage required in those seasons by so many of the saints that have gone before us.

I would ask for special prayer for my Luke, Levi and Ian and my precious wife Becca.  I know God will provide for them in so many different ways.  We will continue to update you as plans settle into place and treatment plans are chosen.  One thing we are grateful for is the authentic community of friends the Lord has surrounded us with here, and the amazing family and friends in the states.

If you choose to respond with encouraging words/prayers etc please know that we will read them and be blessed.  I may not be able to respond to all of them, as we are in a pretty intense season.

Time to go 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu man chu.

In Christ,

Jeff Stables
Young Life International
NE Fife Scotland
Area Director
Madras College Chaplaincy