Monday, August 26, 2013

What the last six months have taught me

Waiting is part of the adventure.

I am not a fan of waiting.  Not many people are.  But going through photos from the last six months I realized so many of them were of us waiting for something.  Maybe it is because it is the only time we are all still enough for me to capture the moment.  I am starting to be thankful for the wait, thankful for the stillness.  We know now that the adventure began the minute we said yes.

Saying good bye is hard.

  I have perfected the quiet sneaking away to not have to say good bye.  It is a painful blessing to say good bye to people we love.  To love deeply hurts.  It is a gift to get a chance to tell someone what they have meant to you in the time given.  It is worth every awkward gulp crying part of it.

                                        We are blessed.

We are blessed with amazing relationships.  Friends who have offered us adventures and sun soaked fun.  We do not own a pool, kayak, paddle board, or even a dog.  We are so grateful for friends who are brave enough to let three wild boys and two thankful parents crash into their days.

 To love and be loved is the richest gift from God.

 I can't imagine going through this life with anyone else.  I remember thinking twelve years ago that I could not only go through life's joys with this man, but also life's sorrows.  We have had our hearts knit together through both and become more humble and in love because of them.

Stop looking at the numbers...

The man on the bike is my dad.  Doctors said he had six months to live over six years ago.  A disintegrated heart graph would seal his fate before any of us were ready.  I got to see him ride a bike last week.  His heart is weak, but his days are numbered by God and not man.  We are so grateful for every day we get.

Life is good.

Life is good because we love a good God.  Not just when we get to boogie board down creek rapids or bike a new trail.  He is good in the waiting, the disappointments, and grumpy rain days.  We are learning to be thankful not just for the belly laughs but also for the refining of our hopes and dreams.