Saturday, March 1, 2014

What the past six months have taught me

Letting go of something you really want and really worked hard for is incredibly painful and confusing.  Holding hands empty and open is humbling.  It is also the best thing we can do before a God we can trust.  Empty hands are hands that can be filled.

It is best just to get the school photos even if they have the fake backdrops and cost too much.  And, never tell a 10 and 8 year old boy what a double chin is while trying to photograph them. 

  Wonder is not just for kids.  A friend, Ian, and I decided to go past the park boundaries one day this Fall.  We found an old abandoned silo and became awe struck after crawling inside and looking up.  There is nothing better for a child or adult than to explore and discover.

A lot of times I want life to look like clean boots lined up in the sun.  The photo perfect days.  The truth is, after a hike in the woods it looks more like a pile of muddy chaos.  We would miss so much if things stayed in order and clean.  To embrace the messy moments and take a picture of the rare clean ones.

Family has always been a huge part of our life.  Full of love and support.  We have been loved, filled up, and built up in the last six months.  It is hard to think about the goodbyes just around the corner.  But it is exciting to think of the adventures to come when they visit us in Scotland!

Jeff is an amazing man, husband and father.  I knew all of this before, but after this season I am know I am unbelievably blessed by his love and leadership. Can't imagine being on this adventure with anyone else!