Saturday, February 18, 2012

Madrid adventure

What an adventure in Madrid today... Our last day in Spain. Becca and i struck out on our own. Riding metros and trains, seeing sites, street vendors, finding the only Starbucks. Tried to order a big coffee, ended up with a mini coffee.

Tons of thoughts and processing and praying...

...and Becca bought a burro.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Today we meet Kevin Darnell who is in San Sebastian working with imb. A true heart for the Lord and the Basque people. We met with Brock working with susa (summer in the usa) who explained his journey moving his family (wife and 3 children) to san sebastian in august of last year. He was a tremendous resource in terms of schooling options. His children are enrolled in a british school that teaches 1 third of the day in english, one third in spanish, and one third in Basque. Its subsidized private and costs 350 euros per month per child... A bit more manageable than we previously thought... Got another tour (this time with more of an emphasis on neighborhoods) from Chris Probasco, who works w Susa. He also let us sit in on a "intercombio" with a wonderful basque man who was fluent in English Spanish and euskara. Loved hearing about his childhood growing up in Basque county...
Lunch with the mcnamees in Hondarriba looking across the river to France was wonderful. Pictured is my opening course for lunch and a catholic church there. Looking forward to dinner tonight with a bunch more folks...

Continue to pray for favor and kingdom vision!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Becca and I have had a great time being hosted by the McNamee's in Madrid. Went to a great church service, worked through the jet lag, had a couple of great meals, and saw some cool sites (that we can't pronounce the names of yet...) But the palace looking structure is Madrid's post office! Looking forward to meeting with another staff family tomm... Loving the beginning of our experience here

Lesson learned for today: after pulling an all-nighter on the plane and going to a church service that morning, soft voices of interpreters right next to you make you verrrry sleeeeepy.