Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A peek at Donostia

Here is a peek at what Donostia, Basque looks like:

 Donostia (Basque name) also called San Sebastian (Spanish name)

Here is the aerial view of Donostia.   La Concha is the name of the beautiful beach pictured.

It is definitely a city, a small European one, but a city none the less.  
Apartments and center squares.  
Very different than Culpeper and the life we have lived so far.

If you have five minutes click on this link to a short Rick Steves video specifically on Donostia:
Rick Steves, Donostia, Basque Country
Doesn't he do a wonderful job highlighting some of the more interesting facts about the Basques and Donostia?  (Minus the marijuana piece) Does it make you want to come visit us while we are there?

Also, if you have five more and you are wondering what in the world we are planning to do with educating our three boys here is a link to the school we are considering.  There is currently a two year waiting list to get in, but expats are guaranteed a placement at one of the two English schools near by.  These schools would ensure that at least 1/4 of the day would be taught in English. Also, they are government subsidised so they are affordable.  The couple we will be working along side in Basque, (they are with SUSA, Summer in the USA), have their three children currently enrolled at St. Patrick's.  Here is the link:
St. Patrick's English School in Donostia, Basque
The other option we are praying about is homeschooling the first year with a private Spanish tutor.  Then, transitioning to the English school or public school.  We may not know until we land in Basque if we will get enrollment there or at the another school.

I promise not to ask if you have seen the videos the next time I see you.  They are for the curious and the more than 20 second blog check.  Hope it helps seeing a little glimpse into what life might look like for us once we are there!  I also hope it helps inspire plans to visit us!