Monday, June 10, 2013

The Waters

  "Character grows in the stream of the world's life.  That chiefly is where men are to learn to love." 

 -Henry Drummond

Luke and Levi's favorite spot in the creek pictured above is where the deep swimming hole leads to a small drop off and then to shallow rapids.  The small rapids are strong enough and just deep enough to carry you down the rocky bottom until you find your footing again to stand.  Their backs bear the scratches of many trips down the creek.  Often they would perch right in the spot where it flows from calm to turbulent- their backs against the cool, still waters and feet dangling in the foam and swirl of the drop off.

There are two questions a person will ask us when they find out we are moving to Basque Country, Spain.  Number one is do we speak Spanish.  No.  No we do not.  The little bit I remember of High school Spanish is now mixed in with the little bit of Russian I remember from college.  Jeff took French in High school and the boys have watched Diego a few times.  The second one is when are we moving.  We had originally said July.  May seemed too naive with the budget we had to raise.  A winter leave seemed too hard on the boys with the school year half over.  It is hard to explain to someone that the leave date is completely based on when we raise a Young Life Missions budget for the three years minimum in Europe.  When we raise it, we go.  No one I know has that as part of their job description here and to reply with that seems a shielded request for funds.  The add on question seems to be "Are you excited?"  That answer can change as fast as the waters pictured above.  In still waters it is a yes!  When footing is lost and plans stalled it can whisper into I am not sure...

I am still shocked by the seasons of deep gratitude and trust dropping off suddenly into worry, doubt, and fear.  I can go weeks confident that God is in this.  I would much rather have the story and confidence of this all moving quickly and smoothly.  Much rather have this months calendar filled in with packing, passports, and tickets ordered.  It is so tempting to feel like God is only in the easy and the blessing... and miss His presence in the struggle and the wait.

 I hear truth of God being in the hard, the messy, the waiting and wresting.  God was with Jacob and David.  With Mary and Martha.  In their victories and their sorrow.  His plan and truth is not dependent on my emotion or circumstance.  His provision and protection is not dependent on how the water looks on or below the surface.  So this week I am finding my footing again.  Remembering why we felt the stirring to go in the first place.  Remembering how He brought us to Culpeper, Va and trusting He will lead us out at the perfect time.

We are hovering just over 50% raised to go to Basque Country.  We also have received a matching $50,000 pledge.  This matches immediately the annual total of a 3 year pledge. A $100 a month pledge, is matched by a $1200 one time gift up to $50,000.  Jeff has currently taken over the lead in fundraising and speaking at churches.  We are hoping to leave by this Fall, 2013.  Our summer will be spent going through Rosetta Stone with the boys and traveling to speak about what God is doing in us and in the Basque Country.  Filled with wilderness adventures, and swimming in creeks.  Learning to be grateful in the calm waters and finding our feet in the currents.  A friend shared  a song with me this week and it has been my solace, Where Feet May Fail.  If you have a few minutes here is the link to hear it:

Hillsong UNITED Oceans, Where Feet May Fail:

May you be blessed in knowing He is with you in the still waters and in the waves.  In the receiving and the waiting.  And that we will not be swept up in our fears but find our feet firmly planted in the truth of His love.  

"When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers they shall not overwhelm you;  when you walk through the fire you shall not be burned, and the flame shall not consume you."
Isaiah 43:2