Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FAQ about Team Stables in Basque, Spain

Q:  Where is Basque?
A:  Basque is partly in Spain and partly in France.  We will be in the North West part of Spain.  The Pyrenees Mountains, Bay of Biscay, and France will all be within a short drive away.

Q:  When will you guys go?  (this is after they comment that they thought we had already left, or thought we were suppose to leave this summer)
A:  As soon as we raise a very BIG budget to move and live for three years in Basque, Spain.

Q:  Why is the budget so big?
A:  Basque, Spain is one of the most expensive places to live in Spain.  The town where most of the foundation has been laid for work is one of the most expensive cities in Basque.  Example being a three bedroom, 950 sq ft apartment without a view could easily go for $2,000 a month in rent, unfurnished.  Travel for training, language school, and insurance/expat taxes are also a part of the budget....this answer is really much longer but that is the short reply.

Q:  Are the boys excited?
A:  It depends on which one you ask.  Luke is very nervous to leave all he has known and learn two new languages.  Levi is excited about everything.  Ian just asks "What's Spain?"

Q:  Will the boys do public, private/international, or be home schooled?
A:  We are still praying about this.  The public schools are taught in Euskara and Spanish only.  Ian may do this but Luke and Levi have missed the window in age and ability to pick up a new language as easily.  Home Schooling is illegal.  Expats are allowed with permission, but our hope is that we all integrate in the Basque Country fully.  For the two older boys we are considering a government subsidized private school that offers some English or an American School that may change the location of the city we start up in.

Q:  What will you be doing there?
A:  Jeff and I will be doing full time language school for the first six months and then work with the schools and communities to develop Basque leadership for Young Life outreach and discipleship  in the Basque Country.

Q:  Will you sell your house?
A:  We are hoping to rent our house, but praying about it.

Q:  How long will you stay?
A:  We are raising the first three years before we go.  We are staying a minimum of three years or until Basque leadership is in place and the area is stable.

That usually covers it unless they want to know about the surfing scene, foodie scene, or have us explain again why it is so much money.  We love to answer questions.  We are never annoyed and only sometimes discouraged when they come on the heels of "I thought you guys left already".  Please feel free to ask us any new questions or have go into more detail with any of these answers!
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