Thursday, January 3, 2013

Basque Recap/Update

A year ago we began a simple pray of  "what next".  We moved to Culpeper, Va in 2003 to start up Young Life.  We were just beginning to feel released to start up a new area and Jeff felt that the area was strong enough in leadership and support to move on, to get out of the way for what was next for this little town.  I had a list ready, near water, no more than three hours away, good schools...But lists are for crossing out, and we soon found ourselves thinking about YL international.  I was very certain at a young age that I would be serving overseas.  Marriage, kids, and ministry put it on a far back burner.  Jeff married me knowing my heart and very open to the idea of overseas, but becoming a provider, dad, and full time Young Life area director within the two years made him realize it was not going to happen yet.  Skip ahead to last winter, three boys, ages 1-8, full life and roots deep.  We couldn't ignore the tug and confirmations.  We began the long process of interviewing, placement, and training.  And it was a long, confusing time.  Prayers,  conference calls, and an exploratory trip to a country we had never heard of, Basque Country, Spain.  The trip confirmed our hearts and fear tested it. 
     We are now in the process of raising the three years of support to be released to go.  It is a European sized budget that will give us the ability to live in a flat, own one vehicle, place the boys in a government subsidized school, and come home every year for more training and family visits.  The budget raised will also allow Jeff to do what he is designed for.  Loving High school kids and sharing with them about who created them with love and purpose.  We are currently at 25% raised in this support in the monthly pledges needed and 25% for the one time moving cost.  Jeff will be continue serving as a the area director here in Culpeper until June of this year.  Because of that I am doing the main bulk of fundraising and communication.  We are hoping to have raised 90% by this June/July so that the transition to Basque can be made over the summer.  Please pray with us as we continue in this new adventure.  Please continue to pray for Young Life here in Culpeper and the many leaders, kids, and committee members that have become like family.  There is still much to do but we are confident that He is more than able to meet our needs and prepare a way for us.  Many of the posts so far are more about the process of faith in following God's lead in this.  As we get closer I am sure they will become more practical and much more brief.  Please call or inbox Jeff or I with any questions.  We have an incredible amount of information on this move we would love to get to you.  And google the Basque Country and people.  It is an amazing country  and culture that few know about. 

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  1. Becca, this is so wonderful! I'm so stoked for Team Stables! Will be praying for the grueling process of support-raising and continued confirmation and strengthening of faith during this transition. If the Lord has called, He will ALWAYS provide. Love you guys. --Laura Kebede