Friday, November 2, 2012

Here goes...

"You cannot look good and learn something new at the same time.  You have to pick one."  an Unknown but wise person

     This is Becca this time, and many times to come.  I just accidentally uploaded this picture instead of a really cute one of Ian.  I am keeping it up because this is exactly the season I have walked through.  Luke put this sign on his bike during a recent adventure.  We don't own a bike lock and we are known to park our bikes and explore off the bike path to discover something new.  Luke was hoping this note would keep it safe and it worked!  If I could give you a snapshot of me in the last three months it would be of me frantically scribbling out do not touch notes. I never wrote that note but each morning it was a choice of trusting God with what He has given and what He has every right to take away.  You do not realize the temptation to plaster every loved one and item with this note until you realize how little control you have over most of it.  Trusting a good God/Father is always the right answer and not always the easiest.
     Since the last post we have gone through more sickness than ever thought possible.  We have  had antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, surgery, gross drinks and pills, and in the end a lot more family time.  Much of the bigger incidents stalled fundraising start up and made us question if we can do life an ocean away and in a different language. In August we dreamed and planned for our last ministry year (year 10!!) here in Culpeper, and I started planning my art curriculum for eager students and new opportunities.  As we decided to move forward and send out the first letters it was quickly realized that Jeff could not pull back from ministry to do the bulk of the fundraising. I quickly realized I was the one who did have the flexibility to pull back from ministry and teaching art.  September and October has taught me a lot.  Mainly the quote I started this post with, and that the note does not have to be written if you trust the one who does the giving and taking.  We are currently at 13% raised of the three years of pledges needed before we leave.  We have so much more to go.  It seems to be inching forward with every mailing, call, and visit.  I have been humbled by people giving in grace and love.  I have been humbled by my often whiny complaints of being a type B person doing a type A job.  The most painful blessing is getting to see it is not about me or the percentage raised.  It is about believing God will use what we give Him daily to change hearts and lives here in Culpeper and eventually in Basque.
     On the way to school we are listing what we are thankful for. Today Luke's was for God designing scavengers and everything that helps decompose dead stuff (hmmm) and Levi's was that He gave us words we can understand and use.  We thinks Ian's was trains, that is what he yelled when Luke asked.  Mine was for relationships, the healthy ones and the hard ones.  Thank you for all the prayers and encouragement.  This journey would be a lonely one without you guys.

"In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength..."  Isaiah 30:15

Praying that our family and yours can receive this instead of writing DO NOT TOUCH notes this week:)


  1. WOW, we are (and have been seriously) praying for you guys!!!! we think about you guys more than you think and aren't good at staying in touch with you but totally praying about you guys and have a list of things we have been meaning to tell you (nothing crazy just as we think about you guys coming over here!!) we CAN'T wait for you get here. Basque Country needs you more than ever!

    love you guys, megan (for the family)

  2. Love your blog entry Becca (for the rest too) - thanks for sharing your heart, it's so beautiful & we love you all! ~E

  3. Very encouraging Becca, and I am excited to continue to pray for yall in this adventure. Love you!

  4. Becca you are an awesome writer! I'm currently reading Alice Walker for class and you're way better. Loved the picture and the metaphor there. I love you guys dearly. Praying epic things for team Stables. Hope you're ready.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement and prayers guys! I was so stinking hesitant to take this over but it feels pretty good to process life knowing you guys can read it (yikes) and process it with us!